About Us

We are Audao International – a globally recognized team of experts that have dedicated years to helping small businesses to connect, network, and enter the rapidly expanding Chinese food and beverage market.

We do this with your satisfaction in mind, and over the years we’ve learned how to prioritize quality, affordability, and effectiveness. For the past decade, we’ve helped many companies export their high quality products, and engage with target markets in China.

Where Are We?

Although we have extensive ties to the Chinese food market and all that it has to offer, we are based within the United States and China. Our team consists of some of the most highly trained, educated, and experienced professionals; many of which are multi-lingual and more than capable of helping our clients to maximize their reach within an international market.

We consider it our mission to provide extensive knowledge, industry expertise, and insight into every new project that we undertake; all so that we can benefit you as our client, in a way that you simply wouldn’t experience anywhere else.

If you are keen to enhance your profits, reach a new audience, and enjoy an undeniably effective visibility then we are the team for you, but why should you choose us?

We Are a Market Leader for a Reason

We are very proud of how far we’ve come over the years, and if we’re honest we couldn’t have done that without providing world-class services to our clients. Without people like you we wouldn’t exist, and as we understand how challenging it can be for many western food manufacturers to reach the Chinese market, let alone turn a profit; we want nothing more than to help.

Not only are there cultural barriers and differences in currency, but there is also the language issue to overcome, not to mention the importance of identifying the most prominent locations to do business from. At Audao International we’ve taken care of the hard work, so our clients can simply sit back and relax as our experts put the most advanced strategies into practice.

These strategies have been carefully honed over the years – and as times have changed, so too have our approaches. We take full advantage of digital environments as well as physical ones, and we will frequently send our experts out to evaluate potential suppliers, connect with importers and exporters, and take part in networking; all to ensure that our stream of services never hit a wall.

You Can Count On Us

Our vision is to help your business to reach a brand new level of success. We’ll do this by getting to know about you, your ethics, what you expect from our services, and where you’d like your business to be. We will take care of the connections, we’ll handle the networking, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that whatever your ambitions, when choosing Audao you will stand the greatest chance of obtaining them.

Get in touch with us today to learn more, to hire our services, or to make an inquiry. Our team are always happy to help, and if you are planning on operating within the Chinese food market in any way, shape or form, then you can count on us!